SBO 18/14 - Checking and adjusting the infrared camera viewfinder

13 February 2023 669 Reading time: 2 minute


- The number of cameras differs depending on the processing and the options available on the machine.

- This procedure is preform body temperature

applied to the control camera (1). Adjustment

The principle is the same for every camera.

- The laser sight of the camera (1) is stable and

to take a homogeneous temperature reading.

the array should read the uninterrupted preform.

- Camera metering

point (1) is located between the 2 rays (6).

Never direct the beam of the laser-equipped sight at your eyes, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

Preform temperature camera



Check the preform body temperature at the furnace outlet



Check the preform neck temperature at the furnace exit



Check the preform base temperature at the furnace exit


Controls the temperature of the bottle body



- The machine is in the stopped state,

- Cold oven.




1 Attach at least 8 preforms to the furnace outlet at the spindle noses.

Press the 2 (5) button.

The camera's laser viewfinder consists of 2 beams that open.

=> Check the position of the beams (6).

- 2 beams of preform bodies

in the middle of the middle

should be guided.

- 2 beams should be on the axis of the preforms.

If the beams are not oriented to the preform bodies, adjust accordingly.


1. Loosen the screws (7), without removing them.

2. Attach the camera's laser sight (1) to the preform body.

Adjust the bracket (8) so that it


3. Loosen the screws (9) without removing them.

4. Place the camera's laser sight (1) on the preform body.

Adjust the support (10) so that it brings it to the middle.

5. Loosen the screw (11) without removing it.

6. to bring the 2 vertical beams (6) to the preform body.

rotate the camera (1).

Tighten the 7 (7 ; 9 ; 11) screws.


The camera's laser viewfinder turns off automatically after about 2 minutes.

8 Clean all preforms.

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