Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Travel, Exploring Turkey's Comprehensive Charging Network, Trugo

30 March 2023 586 Reading time: 52 second

The availability of reliable charging infrastructure has been a significant concern for electric vehicle (EV) users worldwide. However, Trugo, a new high-performance and comprehensive charging network in Turkey, is poised to address this issue.

Trugo's charging network is designed to offer end-to-end uninterrupted charging services to its users, including both fast and slow charging options. With over 100 charging points located across Turkey, Trugo is an ideal solution for both city and intercity travel. Additionally, Trugo's mobile app allows users to easily locate and access charging stations.

Trugo's commitment to the environment is also evident as it operates on renewable energy sources, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Furthermore, Trugo provides affordable charging options, making it both budget and environmentally friendly.

The Trugo mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play, offers various features, such as tracking charging time and facilitating payments. By downloading the Trugo mobile app, users can experience the charging revolution in Turkey and make their EV travels more enjoyable.

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