Added ChatGPT support to Opera browser | ChatGPT and ChatSonic

28 March 2023 584 Reading time: 2 minute

Opera Browser Integrates Two Chatbots and AI Prompts for Enhanced User Experience

In recent news, the popular Opera browser has integrated two chatbots and an AI-based prompt function to enhance its user experience. The first chatbot, ChatGPT, is based on artificial intelligence and was added to the browser last month. However, Opera's developers were not entirely satisfied with ChatGPT and decided to integrate a second chatbot, called ChatSonic, into the browser as well.

To use these chatbots, users need to update their Opera browser to the latest version. Once updated, users can access the settings menu in the upper right corner of the browser and enable chatbots in the lower list. After enabling them, the buttons intended for chatbots will be displayed in Opera's sidebar.

However, to use the chatbots, users need to log into their systems. Alternatively, users can launch the chatbots through the context menu that appears when they type some text in the browser. This feature allows users to perform a number of operations on the recorded text, such as requesting a simple explanation from one of the chatbots.

It's worth noting that the chatbot requests generated by ChatGPT are in green, while those generated by ChatSonic are in pink. This distinction helps users understand which chatbot they are interacting with at any given time.

The integration of these chatbots is just the first stage of the Opera browser's plan to incorporate artificial intelligence-based functions into its platform. In the second stage, the developers plan to activate the individual platform's artificial intelligence functions, which are developed based on GPT, within the browser. This enhancement will further improve the user experience and enable users to benefit from even more advanced AI-based features.

In summary, the integration of ChatGPT, ChatSonic, and the AI Prompts feature is a significant step forward for the Opera browser. It not only enhances the browser's functionality but also provides users with a more personalized and efficient browsing experience. We look forward to seeing what other exciting features the Opera browser will incorporate in the future.

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