How to Use Double Tap on the Back of iPhone?

14 February 2023 483 Reading time: 57 second

Screenshot by Touching Back of iPhone How to Buy? How to Fire a Flash by Touching the Back of iPhone? I decided to write this blog post in response to such questions.

Apple product, which is a world brand; One of the features that many users do not know or realize on iPhone Phones is double and triple; It is that many operations can be performed by touching it once. Thanks to this feature, we enable us to perform any operation we routinely use faster by assigning a shortcut.

How to set double tap on iPhones?

Back double-tap and triple-tap on iPhones To activate the touch once features, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Settings
  2. Accessibility
  3. Touch
  4. Back Tap
  5. Double Tap

So what can be done with double tap on iPhone phones?

You can activate the following features by double-tapping the back of your iPhone.


  1. App Switcher
  2. Camera
  3. Control Center
  4. Flashlight
  5. Home
  6. Lock Rotation
  7. Lock Screen
  8. Mute
  9. Notification Center
  10. Reachability
  11. Screenshot
  12. Shake
  13. Siri
  14. Spotlight
  15. Volume Down
  16. Volume Up


  1. AssistiveTouch
  2. Background Sounds
  3. Class Invert
  4. Color Filters
  5. Control Nearby Devices
  6. Live Captions
  7. Magnifier
  8. Smart Invert
  9. Speak Screen
  10. VoiceOver
  11. Zoom

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