What is Agile? What is the Importance of Agile? How to develop a project with Agile?

09 February 2023 317 Reading time: 2 minute

Agile: Flexible and Customer-Oriented Software Development

The software development world has needed a fast and flexible method in recent years; has heard. To meet this need, Agile software development approach has emerged. Agile offers a customer-focused and flexible approach and ensures that projects progress in continuous and small steps.

Agile methods recognize the uncertainty of projects, changes and the reality that customer expectations can constantly change. Therefore, Agile methods aim to adapt quickly to changes and keep customer satisfaction a priority.

The basic principles of Agile methods are:

  1. Customer satisfaction: Agile methods focus on the customer's expectations and try to meet these expectations.

  2. Continuously delivering value: Agile methods aim to continually advance the project and continually deliver value to the customer.

  3. Flexibility: Agile methods aim to adapt quickly to the uncertainties and changes of the projects.

  4. Interaction between employees: Agile methods prioritize interaction and cooperation between employees.

Agile methods are based on many different methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, XP (Extreme Programming) and Lean. All of these methodologies aim to make software development projects more flexible and customer-oriented.

Scrum is one of the most popular Agile methods and is based on teamwork.

Scrum tries to keep the project moving continuously and focuses on teamwork.

Scrum focuses on the whole project and prioritizes collaboration and interaction among team members.

Kanban, on the other hand, aims to visualize the workflow and continuous progress of the project.

Kanban allows the project to progress continuously and adapt quickly to changes.

XP (Extreme Programming) aims to optimize the software development process and improve software quality.

XP prioritizes collaboration and teamwork among employees.

Lean, on the other hand, aims to make the software development process efficient and to minimize the breakthrough.

Lean prioritizes the continuous progress of the project and customer satisfaction.

Agile methods aim to make the software development process more flexible and customer-oriented. These methods recognize the uncertainties of projects, changes and the fact that customer expectations can constantly change, and they aim to continuously advance projects and keep customer satisfaction a top priority.

The use of Agile methods can help software development projects become more efficient and customer satisfaction oriented. However, since the needs of each project are different, it is important to choose the most appropriate Agile method.

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